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Zoe Rahman

Colour Of Sound

Release date: 7 July, 2023
Zoe Rahman 'Colour Of Sound'

Wednesday 6 September 2023: Launch concert at Kings Place, London

“Her sound is drenched with originality and jazz legitimacy…. a world class artist, composer and performer… Zoe shines as one of Britain’s most powerful compositional voices and important contemporary artists.”

— Ivors Academy

All artists react to the tenor and tone of the times in which they create. Zoe Rahman has responded to the losses and constraints of the last two years by going bolder, bigger and brighter. Gathering together an eight-piece band of outstanding musicians, she’s created The Colour Of Sound: the most ambitious, many-hued, uplifting large-ensemble music of her multi-award winning career. Her choice of collaborators reflects her deep engagement with the diversity of contemporary Britain, and her own explorations of her multi-modal heritage. Starting with the foundational rhythm team of explosive US native Gene Caldarazzo on drums and long-time scene stalwart Alec Dankworth on bass, she’s built up a frontline of players from across the generations of current UK players. Trumpeter Alex Ridout and trombonist Rosie Turton represent the new wave of young empowered female players: flautist Rowland Sutherland and Rahman’s brother Idris on saxes and clarinet are joined by guest trumpeter Byron Wallen to bring their wealth of diverse musical heritage, their gravitas as long-time scene leaders, and their undimming passion and commitment to the project. “I’ve chosen all the players for the strong connection I have with them. My music isn’t straightforward and needs people with depth to their playing, who can understand the complexities, but who can also express the emotional side of the music to really connect with the audience.”

Colour Of Sound combines Rahman’s unique and powerful writing with thrilling arrangements and dynamic performances from the whole band to create an album of jazz at it’s highest level that still communicates its message directly to the listener. It’s a splash of colour and a bold statement beautifully realised that is Rahman’s most compelling work to date. “This music was written to connect with people – it’s very emotive but people are really receptive to that right now after all they’ve been through, and they’re so up for hearing live music! Every show feels like a celebration and this music reflects that.”

Tour Dates

16 June – Southampton, Turner Sims 

22 June – Leicester Jazz House, Attenborough Arts Centre (solo piano)

2 July – Love Supreme Festival

7 July – Cooper Hall, Frome Festival (solo piano)

17 July – Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival

20 August – Brecon Jazz Festival

6 September – London, Kings Place (ALBUM LAUNCH)

12 September – Dorking, Watermill Jazz Club

21 September – Birmingham, Midland Arts 

28 September – Newcastle Festival of Jazz and Improvised Music

8 October – Leeds


Manushi Records
Manushi Records

Release date:
7 July, 2023

Digital, CD


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