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Mike Lindup

Changes 2

Release date: 28 July, 2023
Mike Lindup Changes 2

July 2023 marks the release of Changes 2, the pioneering new album by legendary vocalist, keys

player and composer Mike Lindup. A remarkably engaging body of work with wide ranging elements, Changes 2 plots a course through upfront soul, deep funk, jazz riffs and disco vibes, tied together with the melodic magic and engaging lyrics for which Mike Lindup is widely known.

As an internationally renowned musician with decades of achievements and accolades, Mike Lindup’s outstanding career has taken him on a unique journey. With the band Level 42, he consolidated a place in music history with some of the greatest hits of the era, gaining a dedicated fanbase that see the band still touring to this day. As a soloist, the first Changes album and a notable release on Naim records, as well as his work with UK/Brazilian outfit Da Lata, have all allowed further development of a burgeoning creativity, now ultimately culminating in Changes 2 – an enthralling representation of where Mike Lindup is today.

Changes 2 features various excellent guest artists that demonstrate the diverse nature of the album, including the stellar vocals of Omar and Tony Momrelle, bass magic from Yolanda Charles and even an appearance from the comedian and impressionist Jon Culshaw! The album has also inspired two funk-fuelled dance remixes from Dave Lee and the inimitable Louis Vega. All of these talented individuals enhance the project greatly, making valuable contributions to Mike Lindup’s distinguished work.

Speaking about the album, Mike Lindup says: “Changes – so many since I began recording this album, and as the saying goes, the one thing you can be sure of in this life. During the four years of making this album I’ve been reflecting on the world as I see it, the actors and actions on this grand stage of life, love, death, prejudice, politics, separation, longing, hopes and dreams. Musically, many of the seeds of these songs took hold a while ago and wouldn’t let go, but to be fulfilled they needed input and inspiration from my producers Toni and Mike, and the talents of the singers and musicians that are featured within. My wish is that some of these themes will resonate with you.”

With Gilles Peterson, undoubtedly one of the UK’s most influential DJ’s and tastemakers describing Mike Lindup as “one of his all-time favourite vocalists” and high praise from many other leading music broadcasters and writers, Changes 2 is set to become an important release in this year’s cultural diaspora, destined to be enjoyed by a multitude of discerning music lovers the world over.


Knapdale Records
Knapdale Records

Release date:
28 July, 2023

Digital, CD


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